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At WorthyNest®, we help Christian parents communicate openly about money, set a vision for the future, and make progress towards their goals. Furthermore, we are fee-only fiduciaries who always put your best interest first. That sounds similar to fee-based but is drastically different; discover how.

Your behaviors and experiences impact long-term financial success. That is why we listen to your concerns and collaboratively create a plan.

Financial planning is a process, not a destination. If you become a client, we meet several times throughout the year to ensure you are getting consistent, reliable advice about the topics that matter most to your family.

We leverage technology and meet virtually with clients residing outside greater St. Louis. Above all, WorthyNest® provides clarity, direction, and accountability.

Wealth Management Services



As the name implies, concierge is the highest level of service. WorthyNest® acts as your personal CFO on complex matters and fits the pieces of your financial puzzle together. We work closely with you towards a solution. Real financial planning happens where your money and values intersect.

Concierge is a complete wealth management solution; it includes both investment management and financial planning services.

Read this to uncover how the Concierge and Financial Planning Only models are different.

The Concierge service model is ideal for families interested in long-term relationships with an advisor who truly cares. Money doesn't define you but is rather a tool to accomplish your objectives. Our research-driven approach to investing means we generally recommend low-cost exchange traded funds that will closely mimic the market. We seek your approval prior to investment implementation and hold your investments at a nationally recognized, independent custodian. Plan on meeting approximately five times in the first year of our professional relationship.

Financial Planning "Only"


This standard offering may be ideal for young families in the asset accumulation stage. You are seeking quality financial guidance from a trustworthy professional who makes recommendations in your best interest but do not want us to actively manage your investments. We will work with you through the following six-step framework:  

  1. Agree on how to work together

  2. Gather data about your history, values, and goals

  3. Analyze and develop an integrated financial plan

  4. Provide recommendations

  5. Put the plan into motion

  6. Monitor progress and make adjustments as needed



For families with additional needs in the college planning space, we can go one step beyond the FOUNDATION model. We collaborate with you to develop a detailed, customized college funding plan. Our in-depth analysis considers your current investment assets, future earnings potential, and child's financial need. 



There are several advantages to engaging in on ongoing relationship with a trusted advisor. Read this to better understand the benefits and items we will discuss in the first year. Still unsure how the Concierge and Financial Planning "Only" models differ? Click here.


We add value throughout the year and meet about five times within the first year of our professional relationship. Families utilizing our Concierge model pay an asset-based fee on the level of assets being directly managed (minimum quarterly fee of $900). Financial planning "only" clients pay a flat fee of $750 per quarter in the first year of the relationship. We no longer offer hourly engagements. See our fee schedule for details.

Tax Compliance Services

WorthyNest® owner and CPA Deb Meyer offers tax compliance services for an additional fee through her other company, SV CPA Services. There is absolutely no requirement to use SV CPA Services for tax return preparation, but many WorthyNest® clients value the convenience.  WorthyNest® clients also benefit from Deb's tax planning expertise.

Financial Planning Concepts We Explore

Cash Flow Management - Do you have a budget and are you adhering to it? Are you unsure which specific financial goals to tackle first? We will establish a new cash flow plan for your family or tweak your existing budget.

Education Planning - We go beyond college funding and analyze other education needs, too. Want to send your kids or grandchildren to private grade school or high school? Which education funding vehicles are optimal? 

Employee Benefit Review - Health, disability, and life insurance benefits through your employer can be confusing. Acronyms like HSA, FSA, and HDHP will be explained.  Retirement plans can be equally confusing. We empower you to make informed decisions about the percentage to defer and underlying investment elections.

Estate Planning - What happens if you are disabled or no longer living? Wouldn't it be nice to have a say in how things are handled if you can no longer make key decisions? You want to live intentionally, and legacy is an important part of that intention. We will work with your existing estate attorney or recommend a new one to ensure you have estate documents that properly reflect your goals.

Insurance Analysis - What amount of insurance do you need? How often should you revisit it? If you're a business owner, we cover your bases with key man insurance. We will connect you with an insurance agent if a coverage change is merited.

Investments - What is your investment time horizon and risk appetite? What percentage of stocks and bonds should you have in each investment account? Can you invest in positions that align with your Christian values? These key items will be discussed.

Tax Planning - How does asset location impact investment planning? What are the tax implications of a Roth IRA conversion? How can you maximize dollars going to charity? WorthyNest® owner Deborah Meyer, CPA/PFS, CFP® has substantial experience advising families and small business owners about taxes and charitable giving strategies.