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Helping Christian parents build wealth without contradicting their values isn’t work. It’s our calling.

WorthyNest® is a fee-only, fiduciary investment advisory firm based in St. Charles, MO that serves U.S. families nationally. Fee-only sounds similar to fee-based but is different; explore how. We always put our clients’ interests first, and our only compensation comes from a clearly stated fee.

Real financial planning

Where values and money intersect

Do you ever ...

  • Feel worried and stressed about finances?

  • Wonder if you have enough money to retire?

  • Have anxiety over rising healthcare and college costs?

You're not alone. And the truth is, you don't have to live this way. There's a more promising path. The benefits are immense. You:

  • Stop living in survival mode  

  • Become intentional about every dollar saved, shared, or spent  

  • Use your unique gifts to help others

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff  

WorthyNest® redefines what it means to be wealthy by:  

  • Taking commonly held beliefs about money and challenging them  

  • Guiding Christian parents through life’s transitions

  • Relying on technical expertise and empathy to solve client’s problems  


How does your financial outlook impact your ability to build wealth?

Gain insights with a quick test based on research from thomas stanley’s book, MILLIONAIRE next door.



Learn more about WorthyNest® owner Deb Meyer or wealth manager Marty Brown.

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