WorthyNest® is a fee-only, fiduciary investment advisory firm based in St. Charles, MO that serves U.S. families nationally. Fee-only sounds similar to fee-based but is very different; explore how. We always put our clients’ interests first, and our only compensation comes from a clearly stated fee (no commissions).

Providing holistic financial planning and investment services to Christian parents and entrepreneurs isn’t work. It’s our calling.

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Do you ever ...

Feel worried and stressed about finances?

Wonder if you have enough money to retire?

Have anxiety over rising healthcare and college costs?

You're not alone. And the truth is, you don't have to live this way. There's a different path you can take called holistic financial planning. The benefits are immense. You:

  • Stop living in survival mode  

  • Become intentional about every dollar saved, shared, or spent  

  • Use your unique gifts to help others

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff  


How does your financial outlook impact your ability to build wealth?

Gain insights with a quick test based on research from thomas stanley’s book, MILLIONAIRE next door.


WorthyNest® redefines what it means to be wealthy by:  

  • Taking commonly held beliefs about money and challenging them  

  • Guiding Christian parents through life’s transitions

  • Relying on technical expertise and empathy to solve client’s problems  

Real financial planning

Where values and money intersect

When it comes to finances, do you wonder ...

  • If you're making smart financial decisions?

  • How to ensure your family is financially secure for the long-haul?

  • If there are ways to invest that align with your value system?

  • How to minimize taxes?

  • Which methods are optimal to meet charitable goals?

WorthyNest® is here for you.

  • We answer the above questions and others. 

  • We work with each client to develop a highly customized financial plan. 

  • We create “aha moments” for clients previously stuck in an old pattern of thinking. 


Curious if you'd enjoy working with us? Learn more about WorthyNest® owner Deb Meyer or wealth manager Marty Brown.

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