WorthyNest® is an independent financial advisory firm that serves families in greater Saint Louis, MO and nationally. 

Planning for the future isn't easy. We help conscientious parents grow, protect, and share wealth.

Providing holistic financial planning and investment services to faith-filled families isn’t work. It’s our calling.


What sets us apart from other advisors?  

Learn more about how we work as a fee-only, fiduciary firm.



When it comes to finances, do you wonder ...

  • If you're making smart financial decisions?

  • How to ensure your family is financially secure for the long-haul?

  • If there are ways to invest that align with your value system?

  • How to minimize taxes?

  • Which methods are optimal to meet charitable goals?


WorthyNest® is here for you.

  • We answer the above questions and others. 

  • We work with each client to develop a highly customized financial plan. 

  • We create “aha moments” for clients previously stuck in an old pattern of thinking. 


Real financial planning 

Where values and money intersect


We get it.

You are pulled in a million different directions.

You want to focus on relationships with FAMILY AND friends.

but it feels like there aren't enough hours in the day.  

You may have day-to-day cash flow under control but find it difficult to achieve longer-term goals.  

You're seeking honest, quality guidance from a professional who ALWAYS has your best interest at heart.


You've come to the right place.



Curious if you'd enjoy working with us? Learn more about WorthyNest® owner and CPA Deb Meyer.

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