Faith. Family. Finance.

At WorthyNest®, we help Christian parents build wealth in a way that aligns with their values.

Providing investment management and holistic financial planning services to faith-filled families isn’t work. It’s our calling. We become better versions of ourselves when we guide clients through complex life decisions and discuss the financial implications of them. 


  • Family-minded: genuinely cares about family's wellbeing
  • Faithful: puts trust in God when encountering a difficult time
  • Generous: desires to lead a life of significance
  • Courageous: embraces change if it creates more opportunity
  • Relationship-oriented: values a long-term trusted relationship with a knowledgable, professional advisor who operates under the fiduciary standard

Client Profiles



  WorthyNest®   Owner Deb Meyer with her family during Thanksgiving 2016. Photography by Julie Lassiter of  Capturing the Moment .

WorthyNest® Owner Deb Meyer with her family during Thanksgiving 2016. Photography by Julie Lassiter of Capturing the Moment.


·     Prioritize people over profits;

·     View the glass as half-full when others find it empty;

·     Experiment and walk courageously into new situations;

·     Aspire to be a great steward of the gifts God entrusts to you;

·     Want to leave a meaningful legacy.


We’ll be a great team if you’re looking for an empathetic advisor who:

  • Collaborates and uncovers solutions to your deepest concerns;
  • Understands that passion for your business spills into other areas of your life;
  • Equips you with the tools to be a better leader;
  • Guides your family if something unexpected happens;
  • Offers tax mitigation, saving, and charitable giving strategies.

families with school-age children


You are:

·     Busy, yet conscientious;

·     Selfless, often thinking of others’ needs;

·     Opportunistic and open to change;

·     Happy, but know life could be even better.


We’ll work well together if you’re searching for a trustworthy advisor who:

  • Listens and provides guidance that’s in your best interest;
  • Helps you define and holds you accountable to goals; 
  • Considers your personal values when crafting a financial plan;
  • Provides a safe space for you to talk openly about money;
  • Gives you strategies to build an opportunity fund, pay down debt, save for retirement and fund kids’ education expenses.

PRE-RETIREES or career changers



·     Value relationships with others;

·     Have worked hard and within 5 to 10 years of being financially independent;

·     Find it difficult to mentally prepare for the next phase of life;

·     Are confident that God will continue to bless you and those you love.


You'll enjoy working with us if you want a caring advisor who:

  • Always puts your best interest first;
  • Helps you prepare for financial independence; 
  • Listens carefully to your personal values;
  • Guides you through important medical and long-term care insurance, Social Security timing, and cash flow decisions. 

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