WorthyNest® is a fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm.  

We always put your best interest first.  

No product sales or commissions.  

No minimum level of assets to manage.

We offer unbiased, integrated financial planning and investment advice for faith-filled families.


Our financial planning process is value-driven and includes life planning elements. WorthyNest® works collaboratively with you; we actively listen to your history, values, and goals to create a customized plan that will evolve over time. This PDF explains in detail how we add value to the relationship throughout the year. Below are some items we will discuss:

  • Education Funding
  • Goals & Values
  • Cash Flow
  • Investments
  • Income Tax Analysis
  • Charitable Giving
  • Insurance Evaluation
  • Retirement Saving Strategies

Change is inevitable. We want to be with you on the journey. Here are some examples of life-changing events whereby we help clients:

  • Starting, selling, or growing your business
  • Transitioning to a new career
  • Buying a home or relocating
  • Welcoming a new child into the family
  • Preparing a child for college
  • Coping with loss of a loved one
  • Dealing with relationship changes -- marriage or divorce



Here are a few ways that we incorporate "faith" into the client experience:

1.     Treat everyone with respect, and be honest in each communication

2.     Celebrate clients’ successes, no matter how small

3.     Embrace each day full of gratitude

4.     Offer words of encouragement and prayer when a client most needs it

5.     Begin client meetings on a positive note

6.     Incorporate a charitable giving goal into the cash flow plan

7.     Research ethically responsible investments that align with Christian values

8.     Recognize that the best financial decision may not be the best decision for a family


Still unsure how we can help your family? Please view the Service Offerings page.



free resources

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Your worth isn’t measured by the number on your balance sheet. Instead, look to the daily decisions you make. Are they a reflection of who you want to be?
— Deb Meyer, founder/CEO of WorthyNest