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Faith. Family. Finance. is more than a motto.  It’s our mission to help Christian parents build wealth without compromising their values. Learn more about the “why” behind our company in this quick video.

Got Questions? We Have Answers …


Who do you help the most?


The vast majority of our clients are parents, and they typically share these characteristics:

  • Family-minded: genuinely cares about family's wellbeing

  • Faithful: puts trust in God when encountering a difficult time

  • Generous: desires to lead a life of significance

  • Courageous: embraces change if it creates more opportunity

  • Relationship-oriented: values a long-term trusted relationship with a knowledgeable, professional advisor who operates under the fiduciary standard


How is WorthyNest® different?

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There are five important things that separate our firm from others:

  1. Fee-Only Fiduciaries: We sign an oath to provide advice in our client’s best interest, and our only source of compensation is a transparent fee (no commissions). Learn more about the difference between fee-only and fee-based here.

  2. Focused on Families: We work with conscientious parents, giving them strategies to build and share wealth.

  3. Experienced: We’ve invested in industry-leading technology and professional development to help our clients get clear answers to their complex problems. WorthyNest® owner and wealth advisor Deb Meyer gets at least 40 hours of continuing education each year as a CPA and 15 hours annually as a CFP®. She was also recognized as an AICPA 2018 Standing Ovation award recipient. Learn more about Deb and wealth manager Marty Brown here.

  4. Location Independent: We serve clients across the U.S., leveraging video conference tools if residing outside of greater St. Louis. 

  5. Selective: The number of new clients is limited to ensure we deliver incredible value and extremely personalized service.


Why Should I Hire WorthyNest®?

Clients hire us for a variety of reasons. Some married couples want to communicate better when financial challenges arise; or they need help defining and working towards joint long-term goals. Other parents are concerned about the rising cost of college and want to provide financial support for kids without robbing their retirement. Entrepreneurs come to us so they can have a single, trusted resource to advise them on business and personal financial matters.

WorthyNest® provides clarity, direction, and accountability. We focus on things that matter AND things within your control. Stock market movements and interest rate increases are outside of our control. But how we respond to those changes makes a world of difference.  

Advisors add value (approximately 3% according to this Vanguard study) through investment rebalancing, withdrawal strategies, asset location, cost-effective implementation, and most importantly, behavioral coaching.

WorthyNest® will help you:

  • Build wealth without compromising your family’s values

  • Identify and actively work toward financial goals

  • Be a financial role model to your children and prepare them for college expenses

  • Minimize the amount of $ you’re paying to Uncle Sam

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We help you …

Focus on the things that really matter


Want to Meet?

We have a simple 3-step process to make an educated decision about working together on a long-term basis. Here’s how it works:


This complimentary 45-minute meeting will help us get to know each other better. Please schedule your initial consult here or call (636) 344-0415.


You only get out of the process what you put into it. If married, we ask that both spouses attend this initial consultation. You should have equal say in which advisor will walk alongside you through life’s transitions.


WorthyNest® is focused on long-term relationships rather than quick transactions. As you contemplate whether to move forward with us, please consider answering these questions:

1.     Do I like, trust, and respect the advisor with whom I’d interact?

2.     Does the firm have the technical expertise and soft skills to address my financial concerns?

3.     Is the investment approach easy to understand, and do I agree with it?

4.     What happens if I don’t hire an advisor? Sometimes, the riskier thing is inaction.

Courtesy of Vasily Koloda via Unsplash

Courtesy of Vasily Koloda via Unsplash

College Funding Review

WorthyNest® owner, CPA, and CFP® Deb Meyer has gone through extensive training to help families navigate college costs. Using the College Pre-Approval™ process, she creates a comprehensive college funding plan to maximize financial aid, minimize taxes, and still save for a comfortable retirement. This detailed short-term analysis is suitable if your child is within one, two, or three years of attending college. Click the button below to schedule a 15-minute chat with Deb and learn more about the College Funding Review.