Speaking Engagements & Podcasts

4 Ways to Pay for Your Child’s College Education at Spencer Road Library - 4.29.19

Beta Alpha Psi at Saint Louis University - Emotional Intelligence in Finance - 11.29.18

Kent Smetter / Wharton School of Business SiriusXM Channel 132 radio guest - 5.1.18 and 11.20.18

XY Planning Network 2018 Conference - Delivering Amazing Client Experiences - 9.24.18

AICPA Podcast: How Technology Allows Us to Serve Our Clients Better - 9.12.18

AICPA Podcast: How Technology Equips Me to Be Efficient in My Practice - 9.12.18

XYPN Radio Podcast Episode #168: How Deb Meyer Spent 3 Months in Spain Running 2 Businesses - 9.5.18

Beta Alpha Psi at Saint Louis University - Wealth Planning - 5.3.18

Bailey Richert's Infopreneur Summit - Building a Team (Independent Contractor vs. Employee) - 2.22.18

Sandi Leyva's Accountants' Accelerator - 10.25.17

Greg Phelp's Wealth Summit - Inside the 529 Plan - 9.4.17

XY Planning Network 2017 Conference - Stop Seeking Work-Life Balance - 8.29.17

WorthyNest® Owner Deb Meyer is honored to be featured in the following major news publications:



5 Key Tax Law Changes Impacting Businesses - Investopedia 2.23.18

6 Planning Ideas for Advising Entrepreneurs - AICPA Insights 8.17.17

Smart Ways Entrepreneurs Can Finance Growth Using Debt - Kiplinger May 2017

Is the End of Jobs Coming?  Employees Beware - Kiplinger April 2017

Tired of Business Plans?  Try the Canvas Instead - Huffington Post, Ellevate 3.9.17

Finding Small Business Grants for Women - Lioness Magazine 11.22.16

Key Signs You're Ready to Start Your Own Business - 11.10.16


kids and college savings

A Plan for Your Children Could Save Your Retirement - Wall Street Journal 7.17.18 (online) & 7.18.18 (print)

Cross items off your back-to-school list with these tips - Nerd Wallet & other major news outlets 7.10.18

How to Budget for Your Kids' Summer Vacation - US News & World Report 5.29.18

Quiz: How Well Do You Know 529 College Plans? - Kiplinger August 2017

A Deeper Dive into 529 Plans - Kiplinger August 2017

Debunking the Myths of 529 Plans for College - Kiplinger June 2017

The Best Ways to Eliminate Student Loans - Nasdaq 5.24.17

Is It Cheaper to Have a Baby or Adopt? - 11.2.16

Financial Professionals on Teaching Kids about Money - National Financial Educators Council 10.31.16



10 Things You'll Spend More on in Retirement - Kiplinger, Yahoo Finance 8.9.18

Claim Social Security Early or Wait? - Kiplinger, Nasdaq 2.21.18

Smartphone App Hopes to Solve the Looming Retirement Crisis - Forbes 3.25.17

Are You Ready for Early Retirement? - Yahoo Sports and several other major media outlets 11.2.16


OTHER - TAX strategies, GOAL-SETTING, insurance

5 Causes of Marital Money Stress (and How to Fix Them) - Kiplinger 7.11.19

Pessimists Never Prosper: Try an Abundance Mindset Instead - Kiplinger 5.2.19

Four Things Young People Need to Know Before Buying a Home - Inc. 3.19.19

6 Things CPAs Wish You Would Do for Tax Season - Haven Life 2.23.19

4 Simple Habits to Build Wealth Faster - Kiplinger 1.30.19

Emergency Funds Can Have a Surprising Downside - Kiplinger 1.22.19

5 Common Tax Misconceptions to Avoid - CNN Business 12.20.18

Health Insurance Too Expensive? A Cheaper Option to Investigate - Kiplinger 8.30.18

Are You Underestimating Your Need for Disability Insurance? - Kiplinger 8.29.18

Ease the Financial Stress And Improve Your Health - Chase 5.23.18

My Price is Right - Investor's Business Daily 5.21.18

When 'Rules of Thumb' for Life Insurance Aren't Appropriate - Kiplinger 5.2.18

5 Ways to Maximize Your Charitable Giving - Kiplinger 3.6.18

Why Stock Market Volatility Has Officially Arrived - Kiplinger 2.21.18

How to Set Goals for Yourself and Make Them Happen - Kiplinger, Tribune Premium, TNJ 1.18.18 

What the New Tax Overhaul Means for You - Kiplinger 12.20.17

House Hunters: Learn from my Rookie Mistakes - Kiplinger 12.15.17

Do Not Let Money Ruin Your Marriage - Kiplinger 12.6.17

Have You Updated Your Savings Strategy? - Suntrust 6.9.17

How to Live for Today and Still Save for Tomorrow - Kiplinger February 2017

6 Ways to Make Sure You Achieve Financial Goals - 1.5.17, Huffington Post 2.6.17

Snowbirds: When Should You Sell Your Cold-Weather Home? - CNBC 12.25.16

How Nimble Advisors Appeal to Millennials and Older Clients - Investor's Business Daily 12.16.16

5 Ways Ambitious CEOs Can Attract Millennial Workers - Newsmax Finance 12.15.16

What to Know Before Giving and Accepting Money from Relatives - US News & World Report 12.7.16

How to Bear Down in a Declining Stock Market - Yahoo Finance 11.28.16

How to Dispute a Mistake on Your Credit Report - MyBankTracker 11.22.16

Ellevate Network Member Spotlight - Ellevate Network 11.21.16

Should You Pay for Travel Over Time? - US News & World Report 11.2.16

20 Effective Tips to Achieve Work-Life Balance - Fundera Ledger 10.17.16 (tip #10)


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