My Why

"She is clothed in strength, and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future."
-       Proverbs 31:25

WorthyNest® has been serving families for a little over a year now.  In the early days of any business, few owners are willing to draw a line in the sand and define an ideal client profile.  And I’m guilty as charged.

Except something very significant happened to me last year.  My mom’s health went from perfectly fine to seriously ill in a short period of time, and I relied on God’s grace and healing power. 


More than a Tagline

“Faith. Family. Finance.” has always been the tagline for my firm.  But it wasn’t until that experience that I understood the importance of faith.  Belief in and reliance upon God … even when you can’t see or know the outcome. 

It’s easy to say you have faith when things are going well in life.  But when you’re sobbing in a hotel bathroom at midnight, thinking about mom in the hospital, praying for a miracle … faith means something entirely different. 


Who We Help

At WorthyNest®, we partner with conscientious, courageous parents who care deeply about using their God-given talents to benefit their family and the broader community.

Providing holistic financial planning and investment services to faith-filled families isn’t work.  It’s my calling.  I become a better version of myself when I guide clients through complex life decisions and discuss the potential financial implications of them. 

And I’m always looking for ways to incorporate “faith” into the client journey.  Here are a few that have already been implemented:

1.     Treat everyone with respect, and be honest in each communication

2.     Celebrate clients’ successes, no matter how small

3.     Embrace each day, filled with gratitude

4.     Offer words of encouragement and prayer when a client most needs it

5.     Begin client meetings on a positive note

6.     Incorporate a charitable giving goal into the cash flow plan

7.     Research ethically responsible investments that align with Christian values

8.     Recognize that the best financial decision may not be the best decision for a family


Virtue, Value, and Surrender

I understand your challenges:

·      raising virtuous children,

·      following a value-system that society repeatedly contradicts, and

·      surrendering to God’s plan for your life.

I understand because I grapple with the same issues. 

For example, my husband Bryan and I never cease to be amazed by how ungrateful our boys can act sometimes.  We reward one child, and suddenly our other two sons comment how it is unfair to them.  Or we give ice cream to all three boys, and at least one will complain that he wants another scoop.

Values are another area of concern.  Here’s my list of core values and the corresponding societal contradiction.

Value                                 Contradiction

Frugality                                             Hyper-consumerism

Honesty                                              Cheating and stealing

Responsibility                                     Blame others for problems

Tolerance                                            Violence

Generosity                                          Selfishness

Patience                                              Hurriedness

Courage                                              Fear of failure

And perhaps the biggest struggle of all is surrender.  I’m naturally a planner.  I like to look far into the future, envision a scenario, and research it thoroughly.  But what if the vision I developed for myself and my family doesn’t align with the plans God has for us?  Prayer and careful reflection are essential to gaining clarity of purpose.


How We Help

Outside of the bigger life issues identified above, you may often wonder:

  • Are you saving enough for retirement?
  • Will your family be financially secure if you become disabled or die?
  • Are there ways to invest that align with your value system?
  • How do you minimize taxes and meet your charitable giving goals?
  • Which methods are optimal to fund your children's education costs?

WorthyNest® answers those questions and others.  

We work with each client to develop a highly customized plan that will evolve over time. 

We create “breakthrough moments” for clients previously stuck in an old pattern of thinking. 

We highlight the main points from employer benefit brochures, insurance policies, and other data-filled documents.

We are the voice of reason when the market is volatile and emotion tells you to sell. 

We do this because we love it.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way.  What’s your why?

Deb Meyer

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