New Year = Fresh Start

Happy New Year!  With 2016 in the past and 2017 in full swing, let’s take this moment to acknowledge that


Whatever regrets you have from prior year, give yourself permission to wipe the slate clean and begin again.  

2016 was full of challenges for me.  I started the year with a dislocated kneecap, facing months of physical therapy.  My husband lost his job in June, and my dad’s health was highly unstable throughout the summer.  Oh, and I started WorthyNest from scratch.  

Luckily, everything stabilized by the end of 2016.  My dad is doing much better, my husband Bryan is happily employed, and I’m back to jogging ~30 minutes daily.  Relationships with WorthyNest clients are continuing to blossom, too.    

What did I learn from all these trials?  That change is inevitable, and eventually things will work out.  I also see how personal and business obstacles (or successes) are so intertwined. 

There will always be circumstances outside of your control.  For items within your control, be intentional and develop a formal framework to move forward.

That’s why I’m such a big believer in goal-setting.  Did you take time over the holidays to reflect and define goals for 2017?  It’s not too late.  Refer back to the link for tips on the goal-setting process, especially for financial goals.  Remember to incorporate other non-financial goals like physical fitness, recreation, and family relationships.

Along the same lines, I have three new things on the horizon for WorthyNest to share:

1. Focus on Family-Minded Entrepreneurs

When WorthyNest launched in fall 2016, it was clear that I wanted to help families secure a brighter financial future.  However, this is pretty broad.  Young families, mothers, women in transition, followers of God — any one of these groups may benefit from my financial planning and investment management services.  So who am I uniquely qualified to serve?  My specialty area of focus is family-minded entrepreneurs, but I welcome the opportunity to work with any professional that puts family first.

The WorthyNest mission remains the same: to educate and empower families to make great long-term financial decisions, regardless of age or assets.  

Our financial planning process always incorporates YOUR specific aspirations, financial history, and values.  

2. Frequency of Blog Posts

In light of the new focus, I’m going to create a section of the website specifically geared towards small business owners.  So rather than write a weekly blog post on a broad range of financial topics that appeal to any family, the frequency will decrease to every other week.  This will free my time to write a blog post on the alternate week that is specific to family-minded entrepreneurs.  Don’t be surprised if you find the same entrepreneur-focused blog posts on my other company website, SV CPA Services.

3. Online Courses

A fellow female entrepreneur recently confided that she wants to “GO BIG OR GO HOME.”    Although we are in different industries, I feel similarly.  This has nothing to do with my ego but more so about the impact I’m hoping to create and the breadth of people to serve.  It’s also worth noting that not every prospective client will want or need a long-term financial planning relationship with a single advisor.

To remedy the situation, online courses will be an integral part of WorthyNest’s future.  In fact, it is my sincere hope to launch the first course by the beginning of April.  This is a VERY ambitious goal, given that my background in content creation and video is nil.  YOUR FEEDBACK is critical if you want to see this turn from a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) to reality.  What topics would interest you most in a course?  Is the “online” component a deal-breaker?   What is an ideal course length?

Here’s what I’m thinking: first course will be focused on foundational budgeting and saving concepts, while the second course will cover investment terminology.  I will be using Teachable for course delivery, and plan to make each course 8 weeks long.  


Obviously, I’ve laid out some big 2017 changes for WorthyNest.  PLEASE respond with your feedback, all of which I’ll personally read. 

All the Best,

Deb Meyer, CPA, CFP(R)


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