You Are Worthy

As a mother of three young boys, it is tempting for me to focus on the never-ending “to-do” list and other family member needs.  You and I are probably quite alike in this regard: whether you are a parent to one, two, or more, your world dramatically shifts when you first hold that precious child in your arms.  

Up until parenthood, my top priorities included: advancing professionally, exercising, spending quality time with my husband Bryan, and socializing.  While those priorities remain, they moved to the back burner (especially because our kids are young).  Caring for and raising responsible children is a new focal point.

Have you come to the realization that academic and professional accomplishments have no correlation to your role as a parent?  Maybe like me, parenthood left you feeling utterly unprepared.  Perfectionist tendencies go out the window because there is no test to ace or single book to read on how to be an exceptional parent.  Perhaps you’ve learned to roll with the punches a little more.  Your focus shifts to your child’s wellbeing. 

Are you living in a state of frenzy, wondering when you’ll come up for air?  Do you struggle to balance your financial security with providing for the needs of other family members?  If so,  repeat this mantra: I am worthy

You are worthy of a great life.  Period. 

WorthyNest was created with you in mind.  You should feel empowered, educated, and uplifted.   In the posts that follow, I’ll share information and personal stories to inspire and help you reach financial and life goals.  Are you ready?

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