Courtesy of Baim Hanif on Unsplash

Courtesy of Baim Hanif on Unsplash

college funding review

Is your child within one, two, or three years of starting college? WorthyNest® owner, CPA, and CFP® Deb Meyer offers a detailed college funding review using the College Pre-Approval™ process. She will create a comprehensive college funding plan with you to maximize financial aid, minimize taxes, and still save for a comfortable retirement. Intrigued? Register here for a free 15-minute chat to learn how Deb can help your family prepare for college costs.


is college further down the road?

Is your child more than 3 years away from college? It’s never too early to plan and save for higher ed expenses. Still trying to understand 529 plans and other college investment strategies? You're not alone. WorthyNest® has the resources you need to feel confident about upcoming college costs.

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Stay a while and take a look around the website. WorthyNest® owner Deb Meyer guides families on a wide variety of financial planning and investment topics. Deb offers a 45-minute initial, complimentary consultation if you're interested in a longer-term relationship with a trustworthy wealth advisor.